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Welcome to MYBODO a new type of pain clinic born from the passionate partnership of two sisters, both dedicated health care professionals combining conventional and complementary health perspectives. This fusion creates a truly integrative health clinic for those seeking support for primary chronic pain conditions - also known as long-term or persistent pain that has lasted more than three months (as defined by NICE). You will find a non-judgemental and compassionate environment offering tailored advice, natural treatments and programmes to support you to improve your life.



Chronic pain relief / Cognitive Training / Integrative Treatments / Energy Balancing/ Multidiscplinary Care

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Dr Shishana Ramphul MRCGP, is an experienced, compassionate GP who trained at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine in London. She brings her wealth of medical expertise having been in General Practice for 25 years. She understands the need for evidence -based medicine and that, for complex conditions, spending time with the patient and having a wider perspective is paramount.


Nishani Kampfner MHCP, is an experienced complementary health practitioner with expertise in finding ways to harmonise the mind, body and spirit. Integrating energy balancing and encouraging greater self-awareness can often be the x-factor in healing from chronic conditions. She is an International Member of Complementary Health Therapists UK. 

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