mybodo reviews

Image by Jamie Brown

The workshop is still one of my favourite moments of this year. It allowed me to move without focusing on the result, just being, just feeling and expressing myself in movement. It also allowed me to let go and above all to learn true listening. There are still some exercises that I practice that do me a lot of good. 

Fiona, Life Movement workshop

Autumn Mood

It is difficult to put into words how magical the experience was. I don't know if I will be able to describe everything that each part of my being & all my little cells relationship with my body, from that day on, was never the same...

Murielle, Life Movement workshop

A workshop full of colours, dance, music, drawing & sharing - all experienced with kindness. I felt the sense of movement in me and the group through the joy of playful discovery and different exercises.

Manon, Life Movement workshop

Woman's Portrait

I found Nishani to be a good listener, intuitive, warm, there was an immediate connection. I had a deep sense of comfort and confidence.  Her combination of oils and massage therapy was well thought out. I will be back...

Dom, mybodo massage & magnetism

An Older Woman Bathing in. the Sea
Active Man

I've been suffering from crippling chronic back pain for a while. I have a herniated disc at l5s1 level. Doctors recommended surgery and stopping this and that. I talked to Nishani and followed her instructions & within 2 weeks I already feel 90% better some days. Unbelievable. Thanks Dr Sarno & thanks mybodo

Mike, mybodo movement

Meditating at Home

simple, gentle and unforgettable workshop - to be experienced over and over again....the workshop encourages movement in the group and in oneself: it is this movement that guides and supports us throughout the workshop

Gerald, Life Movement workshop

Man on a Walk

Your massages gave me the feeling of being supported in the way I wanted. To be understood, to receive subtle, non-verbal vibrations. To release tensions in my body, for example a tension in my foot that prevented me from hiking, which with your help and that of other therapists has reduced. Thank you for the delicacy of your touch, its precision and for listening. 

Vincent, mybodo massage & movement