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about mybodo & me

Hello - my name is Nishani, a practitioner specialising in integrative approaches for body, mind and soul. I am a kind of energy "compass", to help you find your balance. I can accompany you during painful (chronic) periods, illness, trauma and burnout.


My personal and professional experience of several decades allow me to offer you quality 1-1 sessions composed of different techniques (massage, conscious movement, vibrational healing touch, guided meditation) in order to stimulate and boost your natural self-healing/regulation capacities to support your autonomy and healing.


From my childhood to part of my life, I have suffered from multiple chronic and disabling illnesses. While going through these ordeals, guided by an evolving consciousness and thanks to my observations, I have developed and tuned my perception and intuition.


MYBODO is the method I created, to activate a movement towards even more autonomy - giving you the option to reduce/stop co-dependency on long-term medical and pharmacological interventions. The method focuses on prevention and regulation, thanks to the use of:


- conscious body movement 

- cleansing of stagnant energies

- control of our thoughts 

- self-massages


A stress release approach that brings you benefits no matter what time you allow yourself. A regular practice of quality is the key to prevention. You can learn to practice in private sessions and in a group workshops.


My influences:

 - Dr John Sarno's Myositis Tension Syndrome (MBS)/Mind-Body Syndrome (MBS), a pioneering physician far ahead of his time, 

- the many forms of dance and movement experienced over the past 40 years

- my involvement with Renato Pappalardo and his trainings (I am part of his team as an independent trainer)


In the summer of 2022 I worked with a large rehabilitation and physiotherapy centre in Iceland. The Director asked me to work with those of his clients suffering from long-term chronic pain, illness, stress and trauma. 


I'm currently involved in an inter-generational movement project with choreographer Léa Leclerc on 2022/23 - the performance will be presented in spring 2023. 


A Londoner by birth, I move between the south of France, the UK and Iceland. I am bilingual in English and French. I am an International member of Complementary Health Professionals (CHP), one of the UK's leading professional associations, and an auditor for the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) - both of which are working to bring complementary therapies back to the forefront of health care, including the National Health Service (NHS). 


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