about mybodo & me

Hello - I'm Nishani, a wellness practitioner specialising in conscious energy movement for body, mind & soul.  I'm kind of an energy whisperer with methods that work particularly well to help balance your nervous system and support your recovery from chronic pain illness, trauma and burnout.


My understanding of working with the whole person, including their energy levels, comes from a personal experience with chronic illness and years of professional development. All of this experience is distilled into MYBODO - a contemplative practice and stress release approach that focuses on shifting, balancing and boosting our energies through breath, movement. and healing. I live in a rural part of the South of France and remain in awe and constantly inspired by Nature together with the Eastern and Western wisdoms and techniques I continue to explore in my professional development. In short, MYBODO is an accessible and integrative movement method for your well-being.


Contemplative practices help us connect to and master our subtle shifts in energy - transforming the information/stress we absorb. Letting stress and non-serving information hang around beyond its use often leads to de-regulation and eventually chronic illness - which I mentioned is my personal and professional speciality. There is no 'one size fits all' and this is why my focus, ,when I work with you, is to bring you closer to your own intuition and inner connection thereby retaining your agency and autonomy.

During the summer of 2022, I worked alongside a large Centre of physiotherapists in the Westfjords of Iceland with brilliant results for the Centre and its clients - especially those that were in a chronic conditions. A reference letter from the Director of the Centre is available on request. 

There is an excellent success rate using MYBODO to reduce/eliminate heightened levels of pain/burnout and other chronic disease. I work in 1-1 consultations and also offer small group workshops. I'm influenced by the early research in Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS)/Mind-Body syndrome (MBS) by Dr John Sarno, a doctor way ahead of his time, the many dance and movement forms that I have experimented with over the last 40+ years, my long relationship with Renato Pappalardo and the many years of commitment to participating and assisting his Energy Massage and Therapy Practitioner training at his organisation in the South of France - and now form part of his team as a freelance trainer.

I am currently involved in a multi-generational movement project with choreographer and dancer Léa Leclerc over 2022 - the piece will be performed in spring 2023. 

Energy work for animals can be especially good for helping with stress & anxiety, post-surgery recovery and for peace towards end of life. Please feel free to contact me if you have a furry family member in mind.

A Londoner by birth, I move between the South of France , UK and Iceland. I am bilingual in English and French and volunteer free advice to the growing online Mind/Body community here. I am also International Member, Complementary Health Professionals (CHP) one of the UK's leading Professional Associations and verifying organisation for the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) - two organisations working to bring back complementary therapies back into the forefront of healthcare, including working in the National Health Service (NHS). 


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