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Step into a transformative voyage of self-exploration, free of form and full of spirit. The purpose of mybodo is simple:  to be bodacious in body and spirit, with boundless consciousness.


It's time to transcend rigid forms, concepts and doctrines and have  greater agency over your life and well-being.  In my personal and professional experience, when life resonates deeply with our true essence it is likely to be full of grace, creativity and resilience. This is the Nature of things in our Universe.

If you've ever felt stuck in repetitive cycles or overwhelmed by habits and memories hindering personal growth, you may be suffering in various ways. This suffering can lead to chronic health conditions, making pain seem normal. It can manifest as physical discomfort, limited mobility, chronic fatigue, poor concentration, confusion, depression, addictive tendencies, stress-related illness and a depleted spirit. 


If this is where you are, seeking guidance from an experienced integrative practitioner can be beneficial. We'll explore together and find simple ways to elevate your energy, enhance self-awareness, and reduce stress and future suffering through a compassionate approach, free from judgment or clinical analysis.

You can read first-hand about the different benefits from my clients here

I'm bi-lingual in English & French and work in France, UK and Iceland , I also consult online.  I'm an International Member of Complementary Health Professionals, UK, a professional trainer and performer. I love collaborating with like-minded professionals - please feel free to contact me to discuss a potential project!  Be well,


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