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Hello - my name is Nishani, a practitioner, specialising in integrative (whole person & context) ways to move the body, mind and soul. I can accompany you through painful, stressful and difficult times to help you find greater balance and harmony. 

I developed MYBODO, a movement  method, that helps regulate imbalance during times of persistent trouble. This method is inspired by reflexive, contemplative and movement self-exploration and is not dependent on analysing or diagnosing. Chronic illness can lock us into a certain low vibration - just when we need to maintain a healthy flow of energy, to enhance natural self-regulation. Find out when the next MYBODO group practice workshop is taking place and learn how to keep energy flowing in difficult moments or as a prevention tool to stay healthy.

I also offer 1:1 support with energy touch (Renato Pappalardo method*) for when you need a helping and healing hand. 

I hope you find inspiration here - take care and be well,

Nishani, founding practitioner, MYBODO

Read how Nishani and her MYBODO method is helping others here. 

Nishani is an International Member of Complementary Health Professionals, UK,  bi-lingual in English & French.

I 'm a professional trainer in 'energy massage and body awareness' particularly integrative and global approaches born from my Indian roots. If you wish to train as a practitioner or add this string to your bow check out upcoming professional training events here.

ways for you to learn, practice & benefit from
mybodo method 


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