Hi, I'm Nishani, founder of MYBODO - a method for moving energy and boosting life.

Energy and electricity is everywhere - including in and around the human body. We don't often think of ourselves as energy however we can probably agree that electrical pulses and vibrations move and shape who we are, how we think, breathe, feel and act. When our energies flow, we power up our potential to flourish.

We know that daily stress and traumatic experiences affect us deeply - how a certain event, or series of events, can send us into deeply altered states. Such states affect our harmony and potential - compromising our natural capacity for auto-regulation which, in turn, often leads to chronic illness. Most chronic illness is highly individual and has a complex cycle. Their very nature is a vicious circle of energy excess or depletion - a boom and bust life which becomes focused on chronic pain, burnout, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia to name a few. Thinking about ourselves as bio-electrical human beings with subtler energy dimensions helps us sense the wider picture . It re-sets the explainer story and habitual language we sometimes over-use and gets right to the heart of us at a cellular level. This a consciousness beyond personality, physical and mental health symptoms, social, cultural, political & educational influences. This enhanced conscious connection and self-awareness supports us to get back agency over our life and, when we move our energies and re-frame the story we tell ourselves - we heal. 

If you think an integrative, energy approach could help you - please contact Nishani - perhaps, now is the time to discover your power within.

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Nishani is an International Member, Complementary Health Professionals, MCHP

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