mybodo workshops 

Go deeper into your personal exploration with a mybodo workshop, offer yourself time out of your daily routine -

ideal for private and professional life alike.

Sound of Silence 

Through the power within, find joy, balance and peace in the sound of silence. Dial down the noise, and learn how to  boost and protect your energy with this 3 hour nada yoga inspired workshop. Explore gentle movement and guided meditation - discover how to release your stress, recover from burnout, balance your nervous system and boost your immunity.​

Guided 3hr workshop with Nishani.

Next available dates:

South of France - autumn 2022

Location:  to be confirmed

Iceland summer 2023- dates to be confirmed

Location:  Ísafjörður, Westfjords, Iceland 

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A restorative & contemplative workshop for body and mind because healing and transformation starts with you. Cultivate and prioritise your self-care routine in this 2 day workshop. Learn to avoid and heal injury from repetitive use and enjoy a long-lasting career. You will experiment with guided exercises to subtly energise the body and calm the mind and learn introspective micro-movements and auto-massage to remove stress, reduce repetitive use strains and take care of your physical body. Explore also how to use your whole body energy and presence by working smarter not harder. Avoid or reduce chronic pain and burnout by understanding your innate capacity to revitalise yourself through meditation and grounding. Taking care of ourselves helps us learn how to flourish creatively and compassionately contributing to the well-being and transformation of all that surrounds us. Ideal for practitioners in wellness, massage therapists and bodyworkers, healthcare workers, teaching and front line service professions.

Guided 2 day workshop with Nishani.

Next available dates:

South of France - autumn 2022

Location:  to be confirmed

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Are you a yoga teacher, fitness trainer, wellness coach or working in a similar integrative mind body field?

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