mybodo massage

Mybodo massage sessions are bespoke and personalised, tailored by me, Nishani, the founder of mybodo. Let's work out a plan together so you feel refreshed, regenerated and re-balanced.

Experience the amazing benefits of mybodo massage including: stress & anxiety relief, muscle tension release, greater flexibility, improved respiration, enhanced circulation, toxin elimination, better quality sleep & improved energy flow - mybodo massage can also help bring the immune, endocrine & nervous systems into balance. 

Short on time or not keen on table massage? A 30 minute mybodo chair massage is a great way to benefit from a relaxing massage whilst remaining fully clothed. The eco postural massage chair used in this session is designed for your comfort. This massage is without oil and perfectly adapted to modern-day life. Its' origins, known as 'anmo", are in China, Japan and parts of Korea - the shiatsu-style approach is great for releasing tension & the shorter session time makes it more affordable too. 

Unsure of which session time to choose - please contact Nishani for advice. 

sessions include taking some history and identifying your needs, allergies &. contra indications before the massage begins

** mybodo massage is not suitable for women in early stages of pregnancy (T1 & T2)