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distance healing

Distance healing is also known as remote healing and involves a transfer from Nishani to you without the need to be in the same room. We don't always understand how it works - there is just a certain way of channeling subtle energy vibrations in the same way as an in-person energy session.


Receiving energy healing can be useful in prevention as well as cure. Energy healing is an integrative approach that works on the whole you and not just the physical dimension. You can benefit from a variety of improvements relating to your general health & well-being.. 


If 'health is wealth', then think of mybodo energy healing as a currency worth investing in - so you don't run on empty for too long.

When you receive energy healing remotely, you may experience interesting sensations (such as warmth, tingling) or you may not feel anything. The latter does not mean the session is any less effective. You may also experience sensations before or after the session. Distance healing is best experienced when you are in a quiet, calm place, without disturbance or distraction. You can receive sitting or lying down - Nishani can guide you on how to settle yourself in a state of receptivity.


For in-person energy sessions please reserve an appointment here. 

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